Thank you so much for the honor of representing you!


Through community meetings, and especially talking with you door-to-door, you’ve given me a stimulating mix of candor, heartfelt concerns, intelligent observations, and moments of friendship.

Thank you!




Campaign Forums

Va Arab American Dinner

  Tysons Marriott  7-9  Oct 1st

Va Nurses Assoc

  Sherwood Community Center

  6:30-9   Oct 4th

League of Women Voters

  Hayfield HS 6:30-8:30 Oct 12th






Where do I vote?
How do I vote absentee?
Where can I find out information about registering to vote?
Where can I get information about the Democratic Ticket?


August 29th for School Board

       Vacant At-Large Seat

    I enthusiastically endorse

       Karen Keyes-Gamarra

Click above for her website and I think you'll be impressed too.


   All 100 members of the Virginia House of Delegates are up for re-election this November.  While I'm un-opposed, there are a record number of challengers.  Your continuing financial support will help me support those who are working the hardest with the strongest records of community involvement.


  My goal is to add enough new Democrats to strike a better balance on House Committees which currently have only 7 Ds to 15 Rs.  Too many measures are summarily killed without debate or public input.




- Sierra Club of Va

- Va Education Association

- Va Professional Fire Fighters    

- NARAL Pro-Choice Va



- Va League of Conservation Voters

- Sierra Club of Va

- Northern VA Technology Council PAC

- Fairfax County Chamber of Commerce

- Va Education Association

- Va Professional Fire Fighters

- Humane Dominion of Virginia    

- NARAL Pro-Choice Va

- Planned Parenthood of Metropolitian Washington

- Virginia AFL-CIO

- LGBT Democrats of Va

- Emerge PAC USA

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        newspaper endorsements


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